Athena Promacos always in the forefront, the first in combat.

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"Ours ground Hesperio at your deity devotes a temple, wit, virtue, rare prudence, which devote Athens generous example armed donzella that motherless He was born from the head of his father. And it's not much to like this honor is, since it will render the virgin Athena. Of yours appropriate, oh single light, divine virtue that my desire ignites new ardor and glorious." Fernando de Herrera (c. 1567-1597)

"It was Cain the fratricide, the founder of the state, say the enemies of this. And you have to accept it and return it glory of the State, son of war. The civilization begins the day that a man, holding to another and forcing you to work for two contemplation could wander the world and force his work subjected to luxury. It was slavery that allowed him to speculate about the ideal Plato Republic, and was the war that brought slavery. Not for nothing is Athena the goddess of war and science. But Will it be necessary to repeat once more these truths so obvious , a thousand times a thousand other neglected and become reborn?" Miguel de Unamuno ,The tragic sense of life, 1913

The Life and Work of Fernando de Herrera, now on Kindle!

Fernando de Herrera is one of the greatest Spanish poets of all times. He was known as “El Divino” (The Divine One), since his mastery of the poetic form was second to none. He was one of the authors who helped create the great School of Sevilla, a group of authors from the 16th century who made a tremendous mark in all of Spanish literature. If you want to know the great work of Fernando de Herrera, you’ll be happy to know all of his published writings are now available on Kindle. Read to learn more about why this is a classical author worth knowing.

The Timeless Work of a Master Poet

Although he was a citizen of Seville, which at the time was a lively and colorful port town full of stories and charm, Herrera was known to spend much of his time in quiet soliture, as he invited the muses to bless him with inspiration. Asides from writing his own poetic works, he was very fond of translating several great works of Italian and Latin literature to his Castellan language. He even translated a biography of Thomas More and a volume of contemporary History. Even though these are notable contributions to the world’s literature, it is, of course, secondary to Herrera’s own work, which is still highly regarded today. Herrera wrote thousands of memorable poems throughout his life, most of which are now available as a complete volume with his full works. The major subjects of his writings were the military glory of his country and the glory of love. He was known as a very passionate and religious patriot who spared no efforts to sing praises to the glory of the great contemporary generals of his nation. His most highly celebrated poems in this theme include “Ode to the Victory of Don Juan” and “Ode to the Defeat of King Sebastian”. When it comes to poems celebrating the power of love, there is a clear split in his work: the earliest poems from his “Youthful Rhymes” period celebrate love as a transcendental state, whereas in his latter “Poems”, he seems to describe love as an impossible and unattainable ideal. As the rumor goes, the shift in his conception of love could reflect his inability to conquer the affection of his muse during his early years. There is a third major theme in the work of Herrera, and that is the celebration of another poet he much admired – Garcilaso de la Vega – whose poetic and literary style Herrera mastered and integrated into his own writing. These writings include some of the most celebrated poems by Fernando de Herrera, where he displayed an intricate style and powerful attention to detail by creating ever more refined and intense poems. Some of his best ideas on the matter are written on the book “Notes on the Works of Garcilaso de la Vega”, which is included on his complete works available now on Kindle.

Read the Great Works of Fernando de Herrera on Kindle

The most popular work by Hernando de Herrera is, of course, the volume collecting his complete poetry – a massive book with nearly 2,000 pages which is also available on Kindle. This volume is a must-have for anyone who’s interested in the great literary masters, and the digital format is very convenient since the physical copy of his full works are really massive and heavy. This massive volume now available on Kindle includes all his notable works of poetry from his three major interests: military, love, and the “culteranismo” style of writing that he helped to develop and popularize during his life.